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Who we are

More often than not, the best person for the job is already doing it. For somebody else.

Resourcing Group is a search organisation in its purest form - one that combines industry sector awareness and insight with our own in-house research capability. We form close project teams comprising clients and the respective consultants and researchers and work to a clearly defined project plan.

Our experience and activities cover most industry sectors across Australia and internationally - where we ensure that our clients gain access to those 'best in class' individuals (most of whom are not readily available on the open job market).

We at Resourcing Group seek to significantly reduce client risk when it comes to key recruitment. This is achieved by us securing the commitment of those talented yet protected individuals; then working closely with all parties to ensure the successful appointment and induction of these valued candidates.

What we do

Open minds. Open doors

We approach each assignment individually, starting with an in-depth understanding of the unique context of each search: the organization, products, services, market position and culture.

Bespoke solutions to unique challenges.

We set high standards, specifications that correspond to the needs of each client, not the ease with which we think we can find the person that matches them. (Be assured. If they exist, we will track them down.)

Well-connected, with extensive specialist search experience, we have strong relationships with industry bodies.

Our innovative methodologies and source-led research techniques keep our fingers on the pulse and our recommendations right up to date. However one common denominator underpins all - the need to recruit the best and most talented individuals.

We at Resourcing Group draw upon dedicated sector experience (accrued by both our research and consultant teams) in order to combine sector awareness with a pro-active research capability to ensure that clients are able to recruit from those protected better performers

How we do it

We see things differently.

When you need an exceptional person, we are specialists at finding proven performers, executives and non-executives recognized for their ability, insight, leadership and growth potential, not just their circumstance or visibility.


Searching with precision requires experience, expertise and the right methodological approach executed with passion and integrity. The insight and involvement of our team delivers exceptional people to your business. Exceptional results for your business.

Thinking. (Inside the Box)

We set our sights on finding the best candidates, talented individuals that tick all the boxes, even if it seems that there are a lot of boxes to tick.


We engage with our candidates through numerous conversations and we cross-refer feedback on prospective candidates using both sources and references prior to shortlisting. It’s why, when we shortlist an individual. We know what we’re talking about.


As an independent firm, we take a personal responsibility for our part in your success. We work openly, honestly and closely with our clients, before and after each appointment, to ensure a smooth transition and the best possible outcome.

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